DataStreams: Export data bases in .NET

DataStreams is a bookstore to develop in .NET.
It will help us at the time of easily integrating the data that we have stored (it supports to manifold formats) and we will be able to export them in CSV, Excel, and XML.

Memory the problems that I had in its day (To create a installer in Line of vision) with its small brother (Visual BASIC).

The problem in himself was, at the time of creating the installer with Line of vision Studio Installer. The conclusion to that there am I arrived is that it was not worth for anything, errors of line of vision bookstores, of crystal reports, registries of Windows and laaaaaaaaaaaargo etc.


By science infusa was happened to me to prove another installer and I put myself to look for some that simple, fast and outside stable.

We go to the mess, the solution of all my evils was Inno Setup a programita, that with its assistant you can include 20 languages to the installation, to indicate a route to him (the one that your you wish, since visual studio to installer not it permitia, ejem: c:\), to allow direct access, to restrict the options that can select the user, among other things.

With the assistant of inno setup, we indicated the file .exe of our project of line of vision, the archives that we want to include, in my case the data base Access and the reports to him of crystal reports.

And we generated it. Indicating the route and other options to him that request to us (name of the file…) And ready! We have ours setup.msi, that will not give to problem some us in the computer where we install our application.

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