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This remembers to me to certain myths on the different uses from our moving bodies:

In case of emergency, you can call to the 112 without cover and with the blocked keyboard. The call to the 112 tries at least, if it beams to any other telephone directly give the message you “without cover”.
Updated: It even can become without card SIM.

You have left the keys within the car. If your car has remote device of opening, you can open it calling to your house and that somebody with a key of spare part and remote opening, through the moving body presses the key to open while subject your moving body near the lock of the car.
Updated: RKE (Remote Keyless Entry) transmits data flows encriptados to receiver within car via RF (signal of Radio frequency), signal that not can to be sent through Telephone, if it could work if the signal were based on sound, but is not the case. In addition the systems RKE and the moving bodies operate completely in different frequencies. It is possible that this method works in cars that do not use the standard method of RKE, but these a minority would seran.
In this page we can consult detailed information more.

Secret load of battery. Only Nokia, pressing *3370#, will load a 50% to you and you will be able to have that so urgent call.
Updated: What does is to change the way of transmission of the information.
But details in the page of tricks for nokia.
The information for the update thanks to ediskrad
Apparently this does not work either, is no an extra load of battery.

Deshabilitar a robbed moving body. It keeps the serial number from your moving body. *# 0 6 #. and if they rob you flame to your company, and deals this code so that they block it.
Updated: Also you can obtain it in the manual or you it can provide your operator.

It proves your microwaves. It puts your moving body within the microwaves and closes the door. Llamalo from another telephone, if it sounds, you would have to throw your microwaves, is not isolated correctly.
Updated: Unless one is quality microwaves, the moving body will sound, but the theory says that it would have to be completely isolated.

Cocinate an egg. A famous hoax that says that a call of 65 minutes between two moving bodies, to a distance of little centimeters, between which the egg is placed, this one will cook.
No matter how much a video exists demonstrating it.

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