What is the mobile amplifier and how does it work?

Cell phones were invented so we could be in touch with our families and control our business at any time. But sometimes due to such reasons as shadow effect of wireless transmission or simply remote distance from the nearest mobile base station we can’t fully rely on our cell phones. Specifically for this kind of problems gsm boosters were designed.

On MyAmplifiers.com among different kinds of gsm boosters you will definitely find the one that accommodate your needs the best. Whether you need cellular booster for your house or office or for travelling in your car, you will be able to find exactly what you need.



The gsm booster is a special device designed for solving all kinds of problems with poor cell phone connection caused by remote location from mobile base station, shielding effect of the buildings or shadow effect of wireless transmission. They are meant to intensify even the lowest signal coming from the base station to the phone and vice versa. These devices boost cell phone signal and help you enjoy your conversations without background noises, poor audibility or dropped calls. And there is one more advantage of using this device: it not only intensifies low signals, but also decreases the level of radiation from your cell phone.

To boost cell phone signal the outside antenna catches the low signal from the mobile base station and delivers it to the cell phone amplifier through the connection cable. Then the device amplifies the signal and intensified it. After that the intensified signal goes through the connection cable to the inside antenna and then your phone receives stronger signal. If you want to learn more about how gsm repeaters work, more info here.
Mobile boosters provided by MyAmplifiers.com are wireless and can be used by multiple users at the same time, so it’s a perfect solution for your house or office.

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